Bamboo and Fiber Room Dividers

Our unique designs range from simple to exotic, all both useful and beautiful. Our selection includes vertical and horizontal matchstick, popsicle stick slat, split and whole pole bamboo screens. Also, we offer interesting hybrid bamboo room dividers that incorporate heavy white pressed pulp, polyester reinforced washi paper. All of the bamboo screen designs we have introduced so far have proved to very popular, complimenting tropical elements in today's contemporary, eclectic, shabby chic interior decorating trends and tastes.

We offer a lovely undecorated, all vertical matchstick bamboo screens, in 5 warm, earthy colors, in 3, 4, 5, and 6 panel variations. We also offer a stunning series of vertical matchstick designs with wonderful far eastern art printed on the front, making for a product with, in many ways, an unmatched combination of value - environmental sustainability, practical, useful sturdiness and portability, and remarkable artistic beauty.

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