Au Naturel

Today a majority of furniture and household items are made out of materials other than wood. Plastic is one of the most common elements used now days due to it’s convenience. Plastic lasts a long time and it usually calls for less repairs, unlike wood, plus it is commonly cheaper. However, despite the effort companies have made to replace wood, it is a project that will never fully be done. There is much more beauty and sentimental value when it comes to wood.

A majority of items like furniture, tools, and modes of transportation were originally crafted from wood partially because one had minimal options for materials but wood was and still is extremely useful. There are copious varieties of wood that offer different benefits from color, to strength, and even to durability. For example, the hardest wood in the world comes from what is called an Ironwood tree, which goes by the name of Australian Buloke which comes from Eastern and Southern Australia. The second strongest wood actually comes from a flowering plant in the cashew family, it goes by the name of Schinopsis Brasiliensis, it is native to Brazil. Wood has other unique values that you simply cannot replicate with other materials, such as the particular patterns. The pattern one sees in wood comes from what is known as wood grain which is the longitudinal layout of wood fibers. The complex markings are completely natural and are unique to each piece of wood. Wood can be bent into a curve, or cut and chiseled into a pattern. As hard as wood is it is a clay to craftsman that can be molded into what ever they desire.

Wood goes with an array of tastes and can easily fit in with any style. Switch out your plastic chairs for some wooden ones and notice how the space changes. Replace the shelf you bought from Ikea with a alluring shelf made from Mahogany. Each piece you purchase will hold some sort of history within in. From it’s past owner/s to the person who created that unique piece. These are characteristics that you find in wood will not appear in pieces made my plastic or industrial materials.

At Room dividers we have an assortment of room dividers that are beautifully made and are a quick fix if you are craving that au naturel look. If you love trees but aren’t into having a wooden room divider we have plenty of dividers with tree prints that will do the trick.

Wooden Room Dividers


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