Decorative Room Dividers

Decorative room dividers, in redirecting the eye, attract the eye, the panels providing an ideal blank slate, an ideal canvas, a table rasa, to display artistic taste. We offer a large selection of lovely, hand painted, ink and watercolor, four panel folding or wall mounted decorative screens. Painted by long experienced craftsman in the ancient east Asian artistic traditions of Japan, China, and Korea, with simple, serene subjects, and soft, muted, shapes and colors, reproduction Ming, Tang, and Song era art. Also, we offer handcrafted reproduction Coromandel lacquer screens, black and gold leaf, with more dramatic, even stunning, elegant effect. We offer paper shaded Japanese style decorative room dividers with Geisha, Samurai, Bamboo Tree, Cherry Tree, and Mountain Landscape images, machine printed reproductions of colorful Edo period block print art.

We offer an even larger selection of light, portable, decorative screens with surprisingly authentic reproductions of renaissance, 19th century impressionist, 20th century art deco, art nouveau, and other varieties commercial and graphic art, as well as stunning photographic art- plant, animals, land and cityscapes- printed on the front and back of canvas covered panel frames. Or, choose your own art or images and put them into the frames of one of our selection of photo room dividers. With so much to choose from, take your time, if you are looking for something wonderful and beautiful to brighten up a room, you have come to the right place.

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