A Pop of Color

In the last few weeks the great outdoors has gone through many changes. The snow has melted away, and there has been ample amounts of rain, which has powered the growth of new spring foliage. There is a color that has become more prominent and will be staying with us for the upcoming months, that color is Green. If you were to look outside right now what would you see? Probably many trees with bright green leaves that have just begun to unfold, and lush grass that is finally pigmented with chlorophyll. We can all come out of our shells to let the sun willfully rid us of the inevitable winter gloom that has hung over our heads these past months. It is easy for one to feel a wave of new life developing within, almost as if we have a new start. There is a sense of rejuvenation and excitement as we begin to truly feel the warm weather approaching.

The color green has various key traits that make it an optimal color. Green falls directly in the middle of the color spectrum making it the easiest color for the human eye to see. Our bodies go through less strain when trying to perceive the color green which results in a relaxed nervous system.  Being such a calming color green is ideal for color therapy, and is usually found in schools and hospitals. It is instinctual for humans to know that when vegetation is green it is most likely safe for consumption. This is why green symbolizes freshness, and good health. Green also embodies the natural world which represents growth, fertility, energy, tranquility, and luck.

Green is an exceptionally powerful color and if being around the color does so much for us then we should certainly have more of it close by. Luckily at Room Dividers  we are highly enthusiastic about having a large assortment of products in all the colors in the spectrum.

All Things Green


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