Room Divider Stands Add Functionality to Traditional Room Dividers

Room Divider Stands are designed to support a room divider or shoji screen while extended flat. The stands purpose is to turn a standard room divider into a flat partition or barrier. You can use this type of setup to create a temporary wall while maximizing the full width of the screen.

Turns Folding Screens into Flat Partitions

Flatten Your Screen with a Room Divider Stand
Room Divider Screen with a Stand

The stand is crafted from solid wood with a u shaped channel and perpendicular feet supporting each end and they are offered in sizes to accommodate three, four, five, or six panel divider screens. Simply put a room divider screen inside the channel, drive the included bolts through the channel and the bottom of the panel screen frame, and your screen becomes a flat panel partition.

These stands are well crafted and attractive, and offered in most of the same wood finishes of the most popular room dividers and shoji screens: black and white lacquer, as well as honey, rosewood, walnut, and natural pine.

When used with a four foot or five foot tall shoji screen, or solid wood shutter style room divider, they work well between desks or tables in a restaurant. With three or four – six foot tall room dividers, in extra-long five or six panel wide designs, a business owner can create a long, temporary barrier through a large for a yoga or dance studio. Using the stands mean there is no width lost to bending the panels to support the screen.

The price of the stands are similar to the price of the room dividers they were designed to support. But compared to similar size commercial grade, flat screen portable partitions used in churches, schools, and businesses, a divider screen with stand is quite a bargain.

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