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Browse our wide selection of room divider styles and find a match for any décor! Our room dividers will compliment your decor wether it is traditional or modern, fun or formal. Choose your style below to browse our selection.

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Looking for just the right height? We get it! Whether you need to fully hide an area from view, just want a partial view into an ajoining room or are looking to separate an area in the kids room, we have room dividers from 8 feet tall down to a kid-sized 2 feet high.

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Material matters. Whether you are looking for wood and rice paper room divider screens, woven plant fiber folding screens, rattan or bamboo room screens, cotton or polyester fabric, or solid wood, we have the room screen you are searching for.

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From 8' wide single-panel room dividers to super-wide 10-panel divders measuring over 10' in length, we've got the solution for any need.

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Sometimes it's the price that matters. Our huge selection of room dividers range in cost from under $100 to over $1,400. With a selection this big you're sure to find just the right divider for your budget.

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Our room divider selection contains a wide array of classic and contemporary color options. From blacks and dark reds, to blues and purples, no matter your motif, we have the perfect color options to fit your needs.