Shoji Screens

Though oriental room dividers are a tradition in East Asian furnishings preceding the birth of Christ, washitsu was the distinctive style of architecture popular in the Edo period, e. g. 18th and 19th century Japan, prevalent until after World War II. With simple, elegant geometric designs and uniquely intricate yet hardy craftsmanship, the most appealing, practical innovation in shoji screens is the washi paper shade, a material that blocks the view to provide privacy, yet allows light to be diffused into or through out the room.

Ironically, construction of washitsu design dwellings is increasing rare, the fine post and beam woodwork and tatami mat floors, while shoji room dividers are becoming increasingly popular. Contemporary black painted frame panels with bleached white paper shades, the modern Japanese screens, with one side of window pane lattice and polyester fiber reinforced washi, are the most popular of imported east Asian screens, possibly of all folding privacy screens in any design style.

We offer an exceptionally large selection of shoji screens, actually, as far as we can tell, by the fall of 2009, one of the largest- with more colors and sizes, both height and width, and more unique style variations. We offer the majority of these serenely beautiful designs in four, six, even seven feet tall variations, in three, four, five, and six panel width variations, with all of the size variations available in four, five, even six lovely colors of painted or stained wood finishes.

However , we offer the two most popular shoji screens, the original, classic window pane design, as well as the simple, serene "cross hatch" or "double cross" Zen design, in an unmatched selection of sizes- two, three, four, five, six, or seven foot sizes, in three, four, five, or six panels.

However, if a special splash of color appeals to you, note that we offer the 3 panel variations of both the window pane and double cross designs, in not just Black, White, Honey, Cherry Rosewood, and Natural, but also in bright Red, Orange, two shades of Yellow, three shades of Green and Blue, Pink, Lavender, Purple, Silver, Gold, Ivory, and Gray. If you are looking for a unique variation of a multi-use and practical home decor accessory, you are shopping on the right website.

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