Office and Workplace Partitions

Quality Office Partition Construction

Four and five foot sizes work well as office partitions, where there may be advantages to seeing over the top of the partition wall. Six foot to eight foot sizes are more effective for complete room partition, both to separate the occupants, and to block the noise generated on both sides.

These classic styles of durable, fabric padded or vinyl faced, aluminum framed, commercial grade wall partitions, with or without casters, are often used as portable room partitions by non profit groups: churches, synagogues, mosques or temples, or other institutions. Equally often, they are employed as a comparatively inexpensive folding partition wall, to form cubicles that large companies use to enclose huge open spaces in commercial office buildings, as temporary or semi-permanent, but reasonably priced office space. The sound deadening quality of the fabric (or vinyl pad), fixed over compressed fiberglass panels, make them remarkably effective for that purpose. They are tough, solid, dense, substantial, yet extremely easily deployed portable office partitions.

Office Partition Example Usage

An industrial grade office partition, or several of them, with or without wheels, can be moved easily to reconfigure a space on demand, to suit a wide range of purposes. Note, of course, that less expensive furniture grade designs are also available here and elsewhere, more often chosen for less heavy duty small business applications.

For example in restaurants or small professional offices, where a portable partition will not be moved often and will not be subject to foot traffic or block sound, it may not be cost effective to use a high grade, commercial design folding partition. Also, a furniture room divider may fit the scale and décor better. Yet business and institutional customers consistently express their appreciation for the excellent quality of these products, and the almost unlimited flexibility afforded by these intelligently designed, solid, extra durable folding wall partitions, recovering their initial investment many times over.

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