Sliding Door Room Dividers

For the simplest installation possible, we offer these well built, contemporary versions in U. S. dimensions, inches not centimeters. They are shipped packed and packaged in professional grade installation kits: with a beautifully made matching pair of thirty six inch wide (3 foot), eighty four inch tall (7 feet) by-pass shoji sliding doors. Available in 4 attractive wood finishes: bold medium gloss Black, rich, warm, cherry colored Rosewood, simple, elemental, Pine colored Natural, as well as a lovely, elegant, light Oak colored Honey. Take time to browse our intriguing design variations: an abstract geometric lattice design, as well as Bamboo tree and Sakura Cherry tree designs, with Asian brush art print shades.

Each sliding room divider kit includes two high quality Japanese shoji doors, as well as thick, substantial, matching solid wood trim for the top and sides, as well as a pre-routed, double track bottom rail. Note that although relatively simple, top mounted installation requires a set of steel sliders from your local hardware store. Home builders and remodeling contractors, wood workers and carpenters familiar with costs of purchasing and finishing carefully kiln dried wood and sourcing then installing a composite material for a tough, puncture and tear resistant washitsu style white shade, are often pleasantly surprised to learn the total cost of the sliding room divider kits: under one thousand dollars, including the cost of shipping. Our most popular, extremely affordable, classic design has lattice only on the front, costing less than $800 dollars, and that includes shipping anywhere in the lower forty eight!

To interior designers and professional home decorators, the advantages of shoji style sliding room dividers over plain traditional American hollow core or cross and panel top hung by pass doors is obvious: Japanese doors allow diffused light to pass between rooms. Practically, it means no space is required for the door swing. The impact on the décor of the room is dramatic, affording a sense of openness, while not compromising privacy. A unique decorative accessory that can turn a common room into a sanctuary of simplicity and grace, many have found our Japanese style shoji sliding room dividers a wonderful and worthwhile home improvement investment. [ Go to Top ]

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